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Fresh Produce and Mexican Spices in Woodburn, OR

At La Azteca in Woodburn, OR, we carry everything you need to make a delicious Mexican meal. From fresh produce and meat to flavorful spices and cheese, our Mexican grocery store is your one-stop shop for making a delicious, authentic meal. Stocked with mouthwatering ingredients, we make preparing any meal as simple as possible. 

Fresh Produce

Whether you’re looking for ripe tomatoes to make homemade salsa or fresh corn for authentic Mexican street corn, our Mexican grocery store carries it all. Our produce is consistently stocked and rotated with fresh ingredients that are stored at the right temperatures to maintain the highest quality.


Any flavorful Mexican dish requires the right spices to give it the rich flavor it’s known for. From cumin and cloves to chili powder and garlic powder, La Azteca stocks our shelves with spices to flavor any meal. 

High-Quality Meat

The main event of your entrée is the meat. Whether you’re making shrimp enchiladas or tacos al pasor, you’ll find the highest quality meat for your dish at our Mexican grocery store. With a wide selection of chicken, seafood, pork, and beef, we have everything you need for a successful Mexican fiesta.

Quality meals in Woodburn, OR

And So Much More

La Azteca is an all-and-all quick stop shop for a variety of things including household items, dairy products (milk, eggs, cheese, butter, and yogurt), some poultry like frankfurter (hot dogs, bologna), sandwich meats, and chorizo (both pork and beef). We also sell baby food, diapers, bottles, car oil, eating utensils, disposable and home silverware, glass plates, coffee cups, mugs, tupperware, feminine products (pads and tampons), piatas, both Mexican and American candy, chips, snacks, cereals, and soups. Make sure to check out our selection of both domestic and imported beers. Need to add funds to prepaid cell phones? We offer recargas for Mexico and across Central America including Nicaragua.

Visit Us Today

If you’re looking for a Mexican grocery store to pick up all of the ingredients needed for your next big meal, look no further than La Azteca in Marion County. We offer a wide range of products to make your delectable Mexican dish a success. Stop in today and we will be happy to help you find what you need!